Born in Mondrian’s and De Stijl’s native country, Paul Drissen links the affect of modernist abstraction to today’s painting practice. In doing so, he makes works that emphasize the use of frail sometimes erratic gestures and vulnerable materials juxtaposing soft geometric forms and lines. By showing the wall or an empty canvas as the picture plane alongside pieces or segments that function as if in a temporary settlement or coherence, he puts into question our intimacy with the image as a whole. He signifies absent matter, the holes in the paper or the empty wall between the work as if having a volume and an ineffable presence. Through a spare use of paint or restrained interference in the works, the artist draws our attention to their manipulated detail, sharpening the viewers awareness of structure an it’s unanticipated delicacy .  www.slewe.nl https://galleryviewer.com/nl/galerie/61/slewe-gallery/kunstenaars/291/paul-drissen www,galeriegretameert.com